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Front View [20K]

  • Released 1963
  • 13 channel band I / III
  • 19" AW47-91 C.R.T. with 15.5KV E.H.T.
  • 15 Valves
  • A.C. / D.C. mains
  • Original cost unknown.
A typical set dating from the year I was born (though I think telly has survived somewhat better).

Blanked off holes [5K]The set seems to have been sold in three versions, starting with this one (basic 405-line), a dual standard 405/625 plus a third almost like the second but without the UHF tuner. Although this particular example is the 405-line version, additional holes required by the later versions are present albeit blanked off. The timebase also has seperate 625 and 405-line line-hold controls.
SERVICE DATA Service data is spread across three "Trader" service sheets (1617-1619), copies of which were obtained via the B.V.W.S.
We have sound and a raster. However the line timebase frequency is wrong ; I suspect someone tried to convert it to 625 line as it runs too fast. However it still syncs to a 405 signal, only to fractional multiples of it, if you can picture what I mean. Thus as you adjust the line hold you get discrete notes from the line timebase - eat your heart out Rolf Harris!
WHERE FOUND July 2003 Haydock Park event for a tenner. A sensible price unlike a lot of the other stuff at the event.
Rear View [33K]Timebase panelMain receiver panelLine output stagePower Supply
RF and timebase P.C.B.s [24K]Mullard ECC82 square getter with box anode .. enough to make any audiophile wet ;-)))
The main reciever PCB.   Suspicious number of replacement parts in the timebase panel.

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