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FERGUSON 3809/3810

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Front view [27K]
  • Released circa 1970.
  • Single standard 625-line
  • 5 valves plus some a pile of three legged fuses.
  • AC/DC mains
  • Original Cost ? Dunno.
The set uses the BRC1500 chassis that powered a very wide range of sets weraing various badges.

The cabinet is ultra cheap, being made of plastic but painted in glorious 70's wood effect (which doesn't show up on the above picture) and with that Blue Peter favourite, sticky-backed plastic, used on the front.

The tuner has four piano keys, which lift to reveal the tuning screws.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the original manufacturers service data on the TV Service Data C.D.
Pinacle valve innards [10K] Mains dropper [11K]
Naked Pinacle PCL82 Distinctly second hand looking bridged mains dropper
Damage to top right corner. No back. Rust on chassis. Missing / broken valves. Rust. In fact, everything considered, a complete and total shed ! But all credit to the design, some new valves, a couple of caps and a new resistor in the the sync seperator was enough to get a picture of sorts out of the old thing, althogh with a zener added to the LT supply as it's voltage was a tad high - too close to the maximum ratings of the three legged fuses for my liking.
WHERE I GOT IT I guess you'd expect I had to be payed to take it away. Surely only a total muppet of the highest order (higher even than an audiophool) would actually pay money for such a pile of shyte. But paying 12 hard-earned curry tokens for it ? Nah, couldn't possibly be true !

Well, I've been after one for many years - we used to have one when I were a lad. We had the model 3809 (I still have it's instructions), for which there was also a larger screen version 3810. I believe this set is the later, but it's as close I've I've got yet and if by some strange chance a 3809 does turn up this may save the day if that has any missing trim parts. Apparently the tuner mechanism isn't noted for it's reliability, but at least that seems ok on this one.

Picture of pcb [43K]
Access for servicing is a breeze, thanks to everything but
the tuner being on a single swing-out PCB.
Picture of rear of set [15K]

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