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Main View [18K]
  • Circa 1955
  • 2 Valves (PCC84 plus PCF80)
  • AC Mains Only
  • Original Cost Unknown
NOTES This type of convertor is a universal type not tied to any particular manufacturers sets. It works by converting the Band III signal down to Band I and feeding the resultant signal into an unmodified Band I television. However the obvious advantages - the universal nature as well as the ease of installations - was often outweighed by problems of interference between the convertor's output and that of the local Band I channel the the target T.V. previously used, resulting in paterning on the display.

Being a universal convertor it could not obtain its power from the television set and hance the unit contains its own power supply. However a nice touch is the mains feed-through connector into which the television's mains lead would connect, allwoing the set to be switched on and off via the convertor unit.

Click here for larger view of advert [127K]By 1958 most people whould already be able to receive Band III, either because they had bought a new set in the past three years or had already upgraded their existing set. Thus EMI's remainders were dumped on the surplus market though under the name "Televoice".

Link to larger copy of advert from April 1958 [127K].
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the service data on the Vintage Television Service Data CDROM.
CURRENT STATE Basically sound but with a few scratches.
WHERE FOUND The EMI example was liberated from the June 2003 BVWS Wotton Bassett bash. The "Televoice" version was liberated from the Drayton Manor amateur radio rally for £2 back in May.

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