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Front view [34K]

  • Released June 1949
  • 9-inch CRM92 C.R.T.
  • Single channel TRF
  • 17 Valves.
  • A.C. mains.
  • Original Cost £47 5s
Radio channel selection lights [4K]The TS1105 is the Birmingham version of the TS105. It includes a radio with four preset stations (three medium waveband plus one long waveband), with four station indicators split into two pairs with baycorlight surrounds..

Although an AC-only set, the chassis is still live ; the (tapped) primary is used to generate the HT, whereas the 6 (six!) secondaries feed the variety of valve and CRT heater voltages. Unusually, although the set uses the (by now standard except for HMV) method of generating the CRT's EHT by rectifying line flyback pulses, most unusually the EHT rectifier's heater is still driven from the mains transformer, with the associated insulation problems.

The set is also fairly backwards with it's use of a thyratron in the frame timebase, which by this time were generally only found in HMV and Murphy sets. The line timebase is also unusual in that it uses a pentode in a transitron configuration ; this configuration gets mention in some much later Practical Television magazines as "ideal for the experimenter" - that means it's crap, yes ?.
SERVICE DATA A copy of Trader service sheet #980 was obtained from the B.V.W.S.
CURRENT STATE Cabinet is presentable and the insides look complete and original. The only damage appears to be the dome usually found on the back panel of such sets - this one is broken, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find a replacement.
Swapped for a later French Schneider television.

No longer in the collection.
Chassis View [38K]

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