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Front view [49K]

  • Circa 1972 / 1973
  • 625-line Only
  • 26" A56-120X C.R.T.
  • 7 valves - I think
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES Although inside it is basically a standard Pye, it does have a few features such as switch-selected tone control, a sharpness control and, for some peculiar reason, a quite unnecessary tint control. However the biggest addition is the remote control, a huge handset that connectes to the set by a long thick cable - this is way better than infra-red remote controls since you've no excuse for loosing the thing.

The cabinet itself is more upmarket too, with the covered chip board box being provided with tambour doors to cover the screen when not in use.
SERVICE DATA I've scanned a manaul (thanks Mike!) but boy its a whopper so it'll be a little longer before I can post a PDF version on-line.
CURRENT STATE Kinda working. The Dynatron has two additional controls not normally found in the normal 697 chassis, a 'tint' control and a 'sharpness' control, but these are disconnected as the colour panel had to be replaced with a standard version. Also needs a set of legs should anyone have a spare set. Only fault at the moment is complete loss of frame sync.
WHERE FOUND Donation from Tas

Good grief ! So this is why there is a shortage of copper wire these days !
The boards, in anti-clockwise order starting from the top are:-

I.F. Strip
Colour difference ('C.D.A.') panel
Frame Output board
Line timebase

The colour decoder is tucked behind the CDA and frame panels, dutifully covering
up what few air vents that were left at the bottom of the cabinet.

I was suprised to find that some
parts were made in Japan ...
... but fortunately there are still
plenty of reliable British parts.


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