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Front View [21K] Vertical HoldOn/Off and VolumeHorizontal HoldBrightness

  • Circa 1951
  • Band 1 Superhet
  • 15 Valves
  • 9" C.R.T with 9KV E.H.T.
  • AC/DC Mains
  • Original Cost : 36 2s 6d
NOTES In appearence, the TV22 is similar to its predecessor, the TV12, the main difference being the shape of the screen surround. However, behind the bakelite case is a very different circuit. The TV22 remained in production for a number of years, with some detail modifications from time to time. A more highly modified version, the TV22A was released in 1953.

An icon of early 50's bakelite sets and highly desirable today, though in its day this was one of the cheapest sets available intended for those who couldn't afford a "proper" wooden set ! [Click here for a comparison of sets from 1951]

There are far rarer Bush bakelite sets of designs visually derived from this set, but the TV22 is the most widely recognised. Regarded as a design classic, one company in the 80's produced a modern replica, the "Retrovisor".

This particular set has a Bush TC184 tuner installed allowing some band III channels to be recieved. The tuner was released in March 1955 and was set up at the factory for one particular channel, the end being able to subsequently tune in one channel above or below, leaving 10 channels unobtainable. Not very good for somethig costing £5 15s.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the Trader Service Sheet 1091 on the Vintage Television Service Data CDROM. The original Bush manual can be downloaded below.
CURRENT STATE Nice Bakelite, shame about the inards (see picture below). The back cover (not shown) is also a mess and the chassis, whilst complete, is a tad ugly (I wonder how comfortable the nesting pidgeons were!) but at least its complete.

Line Output Stage [7K] PL38 Line Output Transformer E.H.T. Rectifier Mind you, it looks like Barry-the-Bodger has been busy in the line output stage. I'm not sure if that's the correct line output transformer, but I doubt it was ever meant to be held in with glue. And niether should the connections to under the chassis use mains flex !
WHERE FOUND National Vintage Communications Fair for 150 [Gulp!]. Working sets seem to be circa 300 :-(
MATERIAL [3.3MB] Original Bush TV22A / TV24 service manual. [207K] Manual Update[143K] Feature from Wireless World magazine. [130K] Circuit information from Practical Television magazine.

Rear chassis view [34K] TC184 Band III ConvertorReceiver ChassisContrast ControlPicture Interference Limiter ControlLine Output StageFocus ControlVertical Form ControlPicture Height ControlMains Input

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