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Front view [25K]
  • Released circa March 1950.
  • ~14 Valves
  • Single channel T.R.F.
  • 9" MW22-18 Mullard C.R.T.
  • AC / DC Mains
  • Original Cost £50-8-0 (inc. tax)
NOTES One of a long line of Bush bakelites to utilise the same classic bakelite cabint. The first model, the TV12, used electromagnetic focussing which in practice meant that the focus would need regular adjustment during an evenings entertainment. The TV12M ('M' for Modified) is an updated version, still retaining the original T.R.F. R.F. chassis but utilising a completely different timebase chassis and now using the far more stable permanent magnet focussing. I've seen a number of TV12AM's (Alexandra palace) but have never seen a TV12BM (Birmingham) - I wonder if Brum got the TV22 first whilst those in the Big Black Smoke soldiered on with the TV12 for a few months more ???

So the set is almost a stop-gap between the T.R.F. TV12 and superhet TV22. In order to main electrical stability the T.R.F. design needed careful layout and shielding which is probably why the superhet TV22 managed to save over £6 over the TV12AM.
SERVICE DATA The R.F. section is covered by Trader service sheet #971. The timebase chassis is probably covered by the later TV22 service data.
CURRENT STATE Cabinet is undamaged if a bit dirty - cleaning and polishing are gonna have to wait until the weather gets a bit cooler (phew!). Inside lots of dust and all looking very original except for the two outstandingly shiney screws holding the mains connector.

The focus lever is however siezed solid - or at least more solid than the limited amount of force I'm prepared to use.

Extraordinary ! The wooden panels to which the chassis and cabinet are bolted have no wood worm ! For the newbie out there, TV12/22 wooden bits are to woodworm what Special Brew is to alchoholics.

An electrolytic in the timebase chassis bears the date "April 1950" - just two months before the superhet TV22 was released. As far as I can tell, for a short time both the TV12M and TV22 were on sale at the same time.
WHERE FOUND July 2006 Wotton Bassett bash for £100. The prices of this and the more common TV22, and indeed other Bush bakelites seem in a bit of a decline. A decline was inevitable though after the fact that it was not un-common for there to be 3 or 4 TV22's on Fleabuy's small vintage TV section. Any Fleabuy seller that describes these things as rare is a total muppet.

Rear view [39K]

The RF chassis [20K] If you are the one in million person whose never seen an EF50, this is what it looks like [11K]
Hard to beat a chassis stuffed full of pretty red EF50's (though I'll probably change
my mind later when I have to sort all the dodgy pin-to-socket connections).

They're all made by Mullard but are stamped as American made.

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