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Front View [20K] Knackered CRT :-(

  • 1950's
  • Band 1
  • Metal cone C.R.T. (MW40-1)
  • A.C./D.C. Mains
  • Original price unknown.

A console model utilising the same cabinet as the Bush TUG34 and utilising the same double-decker style of chassis as was Bush's way at the time.

As with so many sets from the era, the set is fitted with an add-on tuner to cover the Band III stations that opened in 1955.

Warning Label [10K]This particular model uses the MW40-1 metal cone style of C.R.T. The metal cone would be at E.H.T. potential, so servicing this set must have been a scarey proposition !

SERVICE DATA Nope. But the receiver section looks common to other sets such as the TV22 (which also uses the same add-on TC184 tuner).
CURRENT STATE The metal cone CRT is caputski and everything on the chassis is covered with a thick layer of dust. Exterior damaged by rain, but nowhere near as bad as the TUG34's, so maybe a chassis swap is in order.

Check out the under-chassis view (below). Just left of center you can see a dropping resistor that has certainly had to work hard for a living judging by the scorched metal around it.
WHERE FOUND Spotted by Richard in the same junk shop as the Bush TV53. He mentioned they wanted £20 but the CRT was broke (and, of course it had been out in a little rain) so I thought it'd be OK for a £10 spares set. But they wouldn't budge. I gave in and handed 'em £20. No will power, thats my problem :-(

Rear View [13K] Add-on TC184 tunerLine output stageMains Voltage Selector Under-chassis view [28K] One hot resistor !Audio Output Transformer

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