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Front View [30K]

  • Mid-1965 ? Still available in 1967.
  • 16 Valves
  • Dual trace 4" green screen CRT with 4kV EHT
  • 15MHz Bandwidth @ 100mV/cm
    0.8MHz Bandwidth @ 10mV/cm
  • Utilises plug-in modules
  • Original cost £125 (basic model) including
    two type 'A' plug-ins (October 1965).
NOTES Utilises plug-in units for the two 'Y' amplifiers. Six plug-ins were available:-
Type A - General purpose amplifier (as fitted in picture above)
Type B - High gain differential amplifier
Type C - Very high sensitivity amplifier
Type D - Envelope monitor (do what?)
Type G - Wideband differential amplifier
Type H - Wideband general purpose amplifier
Back of module [4K]CRT brushes [4K]
The modules are guided into position by tapered spikes. The modules connect to the power supply via a multi-way connector at the rear of the module whilst connections from the module to the CRT are made via brushes on the underside of the module.

The 'scope was also available with one of two different factory-fitted timebases. The T41 was the basic timebase, with the T42 having additional speeds as well as a "one-shot" facility.
SERVICE DATA You can download a copy of the manual plus a number of the plug-in units from the service data page.
CURRENT STATE Second D43 [9K]Clean and complete. Basically working with a good bright picture. I have since aquired a second D43 and it is just as reluctant to trigger as my first one which until now I assumed must have been faulty.
WHERE FOUND The first one was tucked under a table at the NVCF for 6. The second was a donation from Terry Martini.

Side View [19K]
Side view with one of the two plug-in amplifiers partially removed

Plug-in Amplifier [21K]
Interior view of one of the Type 'A' amplifiers

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