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Front View [32K]

  • Early 60's
  • Loadsa Valves !!!
  • Dual Trace
  • Green screen CRT
  • 15MHz Bandwidth
  • Original cost £634 (base unit) plus
    £132 for type 1A2 plug-in (Oct 1965).
NOTES Another thumping great high spec Tektronix 'scope. I've not yet sussed the difference betwen this 'B' version and the previous 'A' version.

Nuvistors [3K]This one is fitted with the type 1A2 dual trace plug-in amplifier, this particular example being built at Tektronics' Guernsey (Channel Islands) plant. Although this amplifier has 13 tr*ns*st*rs, there are a couple of Nuvistor type 7586 valves up front, kept company by a solitary 6DJ8. The Nuvistors are acting as input amplifiers, tr*ns*st*rs of the time presumably being far to wimpy to give both a high input impeadance and speed.

Thermal relay [6K]The power supply is sequenced so that after first switch-on only the valve heaters are lit. The HT supplies subsequently switch on after a delay of one or two minutes. This process is probably controlled by the funny little "valve" shown opposite. It looks like a pair of relay contacts but there is no coil. Instead there is a heater (the little white blob on the left-middle of the picture), the heat from which gradually bends the bi-metal contact. Since we are relying on thermal warm up the assembly no doubt needs to be placed in a vacuum, hence the glassware. I'm guessing that this device in turn switches a more conventional relay.

It may be a relay but does it qualify as a valve since it does have a heater :-)
SERVICE DATA Propbably very similar to the 545A, for which I have a manual. You can download a copy of the 545A's manual from the service data page.
CURRENT STATE Wot no connector ? [4K]Almost complete, and with a good condition set of handles. Strangely a connector has been removed from the back of the case, and whilst some of the disconnected wires have been insulated with gaffer tape, some are just left dangling. I wonder why.
WHERE FOUND A donation from Terri Martini.

Trannies in the 1A2 plug-in [5K]
Transistors. Boooo ! Hissss !

Side view [32K]
Loadsa valves. Hoorah !

Advert from 1965. Click for larger view [194K]
Advert from October 1965.
Link to larger view [194K].

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