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Front View [33K]

  • Circa 1942
  • 3 Valves (two 6J5's plus 6X5 recifier)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost £15-10-0 (in 1948)
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Advertisement from
September 1948
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This signal generator was specifically designed for the alignment of radio receivers. It covers five frequency bands :-

1) 100-300Kc/s
2) 300-900Kc/s
3) 900-2700Kc/s
4) 2.7Mc/s to 8Mc/s
5) 8Mc/s to 23Mc/s

The first 6J5 valve (a single triode) is used as the R.F. oscillator. The second 6J5 is used to generate a 400c/s tone which can be used to apply 30% modulation to the R.F. output.
SERVICE DATA The generator came with the original manual, which you can download from the service data page. The manual lists the I.F. frequencies for various radios and it is this that help dates this piece of equipment ; the latest GEC set listed is the model 4267 which would be a 1942 model.
CURRENT STATE Insides are very clean but looks like it'll need some work before being switched on - 'orrible 'unts capacitors :-( Whilst there is some evidence of previous work, the set came with its original 2-pin mains plug still attached so it may have been out of use for many years.

Remains of (originally single-piece) shaft [3K] New shaft driving the metal band that connects to the tuning capacitor [3K]As bought, the center control knob was sheared off, snapping the control shaft into two. However, mate Richard picked up an old bar of brass from the murkey depths of the back of the workshop and 20 minutes later had turned, machined, drilled and threaded a replacement.
WHERE FOUND Liberated from the auction held at the Radiophile's October 2001 Shifnal bash fo £6.

Inside View [23K] 6J5G Valve (A.F. Oscillator) 6X5GT (H.T. Rectifier Valve) 6J5GT Valve (R.F. Oscillator)

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