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Metropolitan Vickers CT84

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Front view [31K]

  • 1954
  • 2¾-inch green screen C.R.T.
  • 1Mc/s Bandwidth
  • 6 valves (CV4014, three CV138's, CV140, CV329)
    plus metal rectifier
  • 28V D.C.
  • Original cost unknown.
Link to period advert [116K]
Link to Period advert
from January 1957 [116K]
This military-looking pice of equipment was available in two forms, this (the DC version) and the CT52 version intended for AC mains operation. This particular CT84 however has been retrofited with an AC mains power pack, presumable when it was pensioned off and sold on the surplus market.

Label attached to front [5K]
Well, the attached label certainly helps in determining the age of the set. In the absence of such things one can often estimate somethings age by looking for any electrolytic capacitors that look original as these often carry a manufacturing date. On this basis this is a 1952 model since the two dated electrolytics are for Jan 52 and Nov 52 !
SERVICE DATA Thanks to Randell I at least have a schematic. Although it was digitised using a digital camera it is quite clear. Link to the schematic ct52_cct.jpg [211K] (Note : If you can't see the picture in your browser it is because the image dimensions are too large - save the file to disk and use a graphics package to view it instead).
CURRENT STATE Pretty much complete but the chrome stand is a bit rusted.
WHERE FOUND Another donation to the cause from Allan.

Chassis view [28K]

Chassis view [28K]

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