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Front View [36K]

  • Ultra-high frequency spectrum analyser
  • Covers up to 44GHz
  • Circa 1965
  • Numerous valves ... and trannies :-(.
NOTES An awesome beast from the first half of the 60's. The analyser consists of two modules, the upper being a (tr*ns*st*r*s*d) display unit with the lower unit being the buisness end.

Waveband switch [5K]How about this for a waveband switch. Any frequency you like as long as it's above a GHz !
With all the equipment in the collection, this has been the only one that I had to take to take apart whilst it was still in the back of the motor as it was too heavy as a single unit.
SERVICE DATA No such luck :-(
CURRENT STATE Complete and very clean inside. I gave it to someone who was brave enough to switch it on, and it worked. Well, at least it worked until he sussed out how the thing worked and decided to actually use it on a project, at which point it went bang.
WHERE FOUND Rescued before it ended up in a skip.

Gawd knows what to do with it ... perhaps someone could persuade me to part with it ?

Closeup of tuning scale [14K]
One of the tuning scales ... in GigaCycles/Second !

Interior view of base unit [20K]   Interior view (with valves) [21K]
The base unit. AT the top there are lots of mysterious oscillator units, whilst from the underside you can access to a whole bunch of valves
Interior of upper unit [22K]
The upper display unit. No valves. yawn.

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