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Front View [33K]

  • Circa 1966
  • Dual Trace
  • 23 Valves (fourteen CV2492, six CV3998,
    two CV2901, one CV5094)
  • Bandwidth circa 5MHz ?
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES The date of the scope is an estimate based on one of the electrolytics (which looks original) bearing the date "Mar 66", though whose to say the scope hadn't been in production for several years.
Labelling of valves [6K] Carry handle [4K]
Idividually marked valves and
test points.
Extra carry handle straight off
of a ruck sack.

Clearly this scope was intended for military use, being stuffed full of CV numbered valves. Also, despite it's weight it is also intended to be portable. As such it is expected to get a bit of a knocking about which is why the CRT shield is actually made of rubber.

Each of the two Y-amps has it's own seperate focus control, so presumably the CRT is true dual trace i.e. has two seperate electron guns, unlike scopes such as the Telequipment D43 which uses a single electron gun in conjunction with a splitter plate to obtain two beams. There are no fancy features to justify the use of 23 valves so I assume that all these valves were used in persuit of accuracy.
CURRENT STATE Clean and complete. Wonder if it works ...
WHERE FOUND A donation from Allan.

Chassis view 2 [30K]
Side view dominated by delay lines (center).

Top view of chassis [30K]
The other side of the chassis is just too boring, so instead
here's a top view so as to show off more valves.

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