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Front View [20K]

  • Early 1950's
  • TV Pattern generator covering Band 1
  • 5 Valves (6SN7GT, three 6J6's plus 7Y4 rectifier)
  • Size 16.5" by 12" by 20" (42cm by 30.5cm by 51cm)
NOTES Now this feels like a nice bit of kit. It is well constructed and flexible. As well as being a pattern generator, it can be used as a wobulator by connecting the time base signal from an oscilloscope. In addition there is a seperate signal input to allow a calibrated signal source to be inserted so as to provide a calibration marker.

Horizontal bars [8K] Vertical bars [8K]

However, with integrated circuits many years away the patterns generated are quite crude compared to modern pattern generators.

Most of these types of T.V. signal generators tend to only go down to 30-35Mc/s, however this unit sweeps all the way down to 7Mc/s allowing it to be used for aligning superhet IF stages.

 Link to period advert [96K
Period advert from March 1952.
Click for larger view [96K]
SERVICE DATA Came with the original manual. You can download an electronic copy from the service data page.
CURRENT STATE Not tested. The output connector is a funny type that looks like a standard coax but is in fact threaded.
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for about £10 (as part of a lot). I nearly left this one behind having already taken two other pattern generator, but on getting home, having a cuppa, reading the manual and taking a peek inside I rekon this is the best of the three.

Lower chassis [18K]Upper ChassisThree 6J6 valves6SN7GT7Y4 Rectifier

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