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Front View [19K]

  • Early 1955
  • Combined Osciloscope and Signal Generator
  • Six valves plus Mullard DG7-6 C.R.T.
  • Cost £66 10s (£59 17s trade)
NOTES A piece of test equipment designed with but one purpose - servicing television sets. Though I guess it can't be of much use, I mean, how can it ? Its only got six valves.

Having said that, I suppose the sig gen that covers both TV bands 1 and 3, as well as I.F. frequencies, could come in handy. True, it can be both A.M. and F.M. modulated, the latter enabling it to be used as a wobulator utilising the C.R.T. to display the result. And maybe it might be handy being able to modulate the sig gen with the in-built TV picture pattern generator, leaving the C.R.T. free to be used as an oscilloscope. And theres an A.C.and D.C. valve voltmeter which can also measure E.H.T.'s upto 20kV, as well as be used as an output meter for when setting up a receiver using an unmodulated oscillator.

Have I mentioned it also has a built-in crystal controlled 5MHz frequency calibrator too ? And all for a bargain price ! Click here for complete advert [81K] as appeared in March 1955 edition of Wireless World.
Click for larger view [81K]   Magazine cover from April 1958 [22K]
Advert, March 1955   Magazine over, April 1958

Wireless and Electrical Trader magazine for the 9th April 1955 contained a thorough technical review of the Televet (follow this link for to read it [PDF,230K]) and was later reviewed in the June 1955 issue of Practical Television magazine (Follow this link for the actual review [130K]).

The Televet was to remain in production until at least 1958.
SERVICE DATA Many thanks to Alan Lord for scanning the entire manual and emailing it to me. You can download a copy in .PDF format from the service data page.
CURRENT STATE The lettering is not engraved into the front panel and is showing signs of wear. However the original handle is perfect and still has the original Airmec lable attached. This, combined with the near mint innards makes me wonder if this piece of kit has ever been used in anger.
WHERE FOUND Recent auction for £14.

Top side of chassis [9K]Underside of chassis [8K]

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