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I'm keen to get some more Telequipment manuals on-line.
If you can help with any such equipment ? If so please
contact me via the Guestbook page.

Picture of Serviscope Minor [8K]
Serviscope Minor
User manual, schematic and parts list.
Link to page about the Telequipment S31
This is the full service manual for the Telequipment "Serviscope" type S31. The manual contains operating instructions, circuit description and schematic. Thanks to Chris Burrow for supplying the original scans.
s31.pdf [640K]
Pic of D31 Range [5K]
D31R and D31
Circuit diagrams for both earlier and later versions of this rack-mount or desktop scope..
d31_d31r.pdf [170K]
Link to page about the D43
D43,D43R and S43
This Telequipment D43 service manual dates from April 1966. The 'Y' amplifier plug-ins also turn up in some later models such as the D53A so may have minor differences.
d43.pdf [1178K] The main manual for the D43, including instructions and service data for the various timebases plus the type 'A' Y-amplifier plug-in.
UPDATE: The PDF is missing figure 2.2 (timebase schematic). Use this link to download the missing schematic.
module_b.pdf [243K] Plug-in 'B' (high sensitivity differential amplifier)
module_c.pdf [216K] Plug-in 'C' (general purpose/high sensitivity amplifier)
module_c2.pdf [362K] Plug-in type C2
module_d.pdf [68K] Plug-in 'D' (modulation monitor for transmitters)
module_g.pdf [197K] Plug-in 'G' (general purpose/differential amplifier
module_h.pdf [197K] Plug-in 'H' (general purpose, dual range). Note that the type 'JD' plug-in appears to be based upon the type 'H'.
module_j.pdf [483K] Plug-in 'J' (high gain wideband amplifier).
Example picture of S51B [6K]
S51 (Various)
The model S51, workhorse of many an educational lab. There are a number of model varients as well as modifications during the product's life time.
s51_s51e_s51t.pdf [636K] : Manual (incl schematic, PCB and parts list) for "S51/S51E/S51T"

s51b_s51e.pdf [572K] : Schematic, PCB layout and parts list for "S51B/S51E"

S52 and D52
User manual, circuit description, parts list and schematics.
d52_s52_1.pdf[759K] Instruction manual and circuit description
d52_s52_2.pdf [877K] Parts list and schematics
d52_s52_atten.pdf [38K] Modified attenuator details

The Telequipment D53A service manual dates from May 1969 and includes information on the type TD51 timebase. This 'scope uses some of the plug-in Y-amplifier modules of the earlier D43.

d53a.pdf [782K] Oscilloscope base unit manual
module_jd.pdf [418K] Plug-in 'JD' (Wideband delayed amplifer) - used in model 53 only i.e. not suitable for S43/D43 range.

Telequipment S54 manual, Issure 3 from August 1968. Thanks Doug !
s54.pdf [1330K]

Telequipment D54 Service manual, Issue 3 from June 1970 (thanks Doug!).
d54.pdf [1350K]
S54A Front View [8K]
Telequipment S54A and S54AR manual from Oct 1976.
Thanks to Steve Johnson for loaning the original manual.
s54a.pdf [831K]

Service manual for the D55A from July 1963 (thanks Doug!).
d55a.pdf [1.9MB]
D61 Front View [7K]
Manual, schematics and parts list. Thanks to Rod Hawkins for the loan of the manual.

Note : Certain sections are very different to the D61A
d61.pdf [1.23MB]
Example picture of D61A [6K]
Manual, schematics and parts list. Thanks to Rod Hawkins for the loan of the manual.
d61a.pdf [2.61MB]

(No Picture)

Basic schematic plus circuit description for the S61B
s61b.pdf [792K]

Full manual for the DM64 storage scope.
dm64.pdf [1.6MB] Main 58-page manual [804K] Two pages of pcb layouts which refused to go into above document correctly. Poxy computers :-(
(No Picture)

Full manual for the all-tr*ns*st*r D67A, issue 6, July 1978 (thanks again Doug!).
d67a.pdf [4.0MB]
(No Picture)

CT71 Curve tracer manual (thanks Richard!)
tel_ct71.pdf [3.4MB]
(No Picture)

WG/44 Television waveform generator
telwg44.pdf [310KB]

Other manuals can be found at the following websites:-

D65 and D66 Download from (here's a direct link to directory containing manual)

TC184 Band III Convertor Receiver Chassis Contrast Control Picture Interference Limiter Control Line Output Stage Focus Control Vertical Form Control Picture Height Control Mains Input

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