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Front View [28K]

  • Released October 1947
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands
  • 5 Mazda Valves (TH41, VP41, HL41DD, Pen45 plus UU6)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost £19 19s
Click for larger view [103K]
Advert from September 1948.
Link to larger view [103K]
Some may call this unusual looking set as "ugly", but with the bakelite shining I think it looks quite ... er ... well I can't make my mind up so lets leave it as "unusual".

The chassis consists of a flat metal plate to which hinged sub-chassis are bolted. These sub chassis are hinged to enable access to the components which is very unusual. The heavy chassis assembly fits into the underside of the case and is held in by 6 screws into the bakelite, so it makes sense to make sure that you always place one hand under the set when moving the set.
SERVICE DATA The "Trader" service sheet number 915 can be found on CD#1.
Home constructed dial pointer [5K]   Audio output transformer [11K]
Pointer   Audio Output Transformer
There are a lot of signs of previous fiddling, from the Heath Robinson tuning scale pointer through to what I'm assuming is a replacement audio output transformer. Given this isn't a Philips set I was suprised to find that the original transformer had an additional feedback winding.

Sadly, the removable glass tuning scale is broken, but since the case itself really is in good condition I guess I'll persevere with finding / making a replacement. The dial cord is also knackered.
WHERE FOUND A welcome donation from Ingrid.
Normal chassis view [12K]TH41 (Oscillator/mixer)VP41 (IF Amp)HL41 (Demodulator, AVC and 1st audio)PEN45 (Audio output)   Chassis opened up [14K]UU6 (H.T. Rectifier)Audio Output TransformerMains Transformer

The set on display at an exhibition two years after
its introduction,but now costing £22.

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