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Front View [19K] Tuning Waveband Switch On/Off and Volume

  • Released February 1946
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands
  • 4 Valves (TH41, VP41, PEN45DD and UU6, Mazda lineup)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost 13.17s.6d
NOTES In december 1946 the set was released in various colours at an additional cost of 2. This particular set was originally "Ivory Cream", but it was also available in "Cuban Red" and "April Green".

As can be seen in the photograph, although this was a small set it is still crammed with the large old valve types. The audio output valve (2nd from the left) barely misses the top of the cabinet.

The densley packed circuitry creates a lot of heat, not helped by the use of a cheaper dropping resistor for HT smoothing instead of a choke. Perhaps explaining why the paint on the top of this set just fell off! It may also explain why the insulation was crumbling from every single wire on the top half of the chassis. I guess this is why this type of set was called a kitchen set ; you could do your cooking on it !
SERVICE DATA I have a copy of the Trader service sheet 859.
CURRENT STATE One of the sets I've (electrically) restored. The original paint is still on the underside of the case but the rest of the case I've left unpainted (the bakelite looks lovely). And I mustn't forget that the on-off switch needs fixing / replacing.
WHERE FOUND Probably some junk antiques shop donkeys years ago. Its unlikely I paid more than 5

Rear View [21K] UU6 HT Rectifier Mains Voltage Selector PEN45DD Detector / Audio Output VP41 I.I. Amp TH41 Frequency Changer

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