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Front view [44k}

  • 60's/70's
  • LW, MW, SW + VHF Wavebands
  • 14 Design Faults Transistors
  • Four-off 1.5 volt 'D' cells.
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES With fourteen semiconductor parasites to its name, this ought to be a reasonably good radio, especially coming from Sony. Not only does it include a tuning meter but also has an additional slow-motion tuning drive. The upper left switch is the on-off switch which also operates an indicator inside the display to indicate that teh set is switched on. As for the upper two switches on the right, I've no idea what they are for.

You are spoilt for connectors too, with an external DC socket, headphones, tape output, auxilliary input and one mysterious output simply labelled "MPX OUT".

The set, or at least version, was cleary aimed at the U.K. market since it includes the long-wave waveband.
SERVICE DATA I've found two on-line manuals sites, but the price of their PDF downloads are 5 times the price of the radio!
CURRENT STATE Needs a flamin' good clean but it's certainly not as bad as the photo suggests. It also seems to be complete, right down to the tube that holds the batteries and the little red plastic thing on the top of the aerial.

Taping four batteries together and temporarilly wiring them into the battery holder reveals the radio appears to be working and I have to grugingly admit that the sound quality is actually quite good.
WHERE FOUND In a moment of weakness at an amateur radio rally for 3 quid.

Rear View [65K]
Rear view showing three main circuits. The one just above the speaker
includes a switch though I've no idea what it is for as it is glued into
position and is not accesible when the rear cover fitted.

A nice touch is that the extendable aerial's connections are plugged in
which makes things a whole lot easier to access.

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