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Front View [36K]

  • Released April 1947
  • L.W. and M.W. superhet.
  • 4 Mazda valves - TP25, VP23, HL23DD plus Pen25
  • Battery only (2V L.T. + 90V H.T.).
  • Original cost £15 + £3 5s tax.
NOTES I don't often see Rees Mace products. Immediately after the war they seemed to have used the "Cameo" trademark for a few models, though if it wern't for the Trader service sheet you'd never know this was a Rees Mace set.

There aren't many different ways to wire up a four-valve superhet and this set is no exception, other than for the inclusion of a bulb on series with the -ve H.T. line to act as a fuse " protect the filaments from the H.T. circuit". But why is such protection would be needed ?
SERVICE DATA I have an electronic copy of the "Trader" service sheet #836
Cabinet in freezer [6K]
The cabinet - a tight fit
in the freezer!
The dreaded woodworm has had a go at the set. But after a course of woodworm killer, a two week spelll in the freezer and two further treatments with worm killer I think the little blighters are history. The cabinet then responded to a thorough clean and a shine with shoe polish, which was also used to fill the worm holes (which also helps identify any further worm holes that might appear).

Not convinced the audio output transformer is original, unless Rees Mace had a thing against service engineers as the only way to access the radio chassis is to remove the entire contents of the cabinet - made very difficult when the transformer is screwed into the base so you cant get a decent screwdriver in there to shift it.
WHERE FOUND A donation to the cause.


Rear view [33K]   Aerial coils [19K]
Note the bulb at the bottom-right corner of the chassis. An odd thing
for a battery set but even odder living behind a solid wooden
backboard ! Well, it's actually used as a HT fuse.
  The monster frame aerial coils.

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