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Radio Rentals '58'

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Front View [15K] Colourful Tuning Dial On/Off and Volume Waveband/Gram Select Tone Control

  • Circa 1950
  • LW, MW plus two SW wavebands
  • Typical Mullard 5-valve lineup
    (ECH35, EF39, EBC33, EL33 and AZ31)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown

What a cabinet ! Not so much moulded as hewn from solid bakelite ! Even the rear cover seems to be a thin piece of bakelite.

I suspect the set was actually manufactured by E.K.Cole. They produced a number of designs specifically for Radio Rentals and this design, with its chunky tuning knob and small round dial glass, looks like a number of the E.K.Cole sets illustrated in the book "Radio Radio" (e.g. Radio Rentals model 61).

Tuning Capacitor [7K]The ganged tuning capacitor is also most unusual. One "half" is almost three times the size of the other "half". Can't say I've seen this in any other set.

For a site with more about Radio Rentals, visit the Radio Memories site, run by an ex- Radio Rentals man.

SERVICE DATA Nope :-( I've also trawled through all the Ekco data sheets but none seemed to be even close.
CURRENT STATE After reforming the main electrolytics and changing some of the wax caps, the set is now working. The top of the shortwave band is pretty silent during the day but comes alive during the evening. Sounds nice too.
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for 25

Chassis View [15K]
Wonderful Tuning Dial Model Number Radio Rentals Logo Selected Waveband Indicator

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