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Front View [30K] On/Off and volumeTone ?WavebandTuning

  • 1949
  • LW, MW plus nine(!) SW Wavebands
  • 8 Valves (two EF39, ECH35, two
    EBC33, two EL33 plus AZ31 rectifier)
  • A.C. Mains
  • £31 10s
A real top-of-the-range set from Pye in an absolutely humungous cabinet. I should have placed a PP3 battery by the side of it to give its picture some scale but I suspect the battery would be too small to pick out on my camera !
The huge tuning scale requires no less that four bulbs to illuminate it ; just check out the number of wavebands, which in addition to the standard long and medium wavebands includes :-
1) 11M (25-26.6Mc/s)   6) 31M (9.3-9.9M)
2) 13M (20.9-22.3Mc/s)   7) 41M (7-7.4M)
3) 16M (17.2-19.3Mc/s)   8) 49m (5.9-6.3Mc/s)
4) 19M (14.9-15.7Mc/s)   9) M.S.W (1.5-4Mc/s)
5) 25M (11.4-12.1Mc/s     ("Trawler")
It appears that this radio was even _meant_ to use these bands, performance being enhanced by the addition of an tuned tuned R.F. stage.

The luxury continues with two EL33's connected in push-pull to drive a real big speaker. Looks like proper push-pull too ; some sets of this type would use the audio output of one valve to drive (via an attenuator) the opposite valve, not ideal but saves a phase splitter valve. However, this set does it properly.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the service data on CD#2.
CURRENT STATE Very tidy inside and out. Should make quite a nice set.
WHERE FOUND The watery skip antique shop for £20.

Rear View [24K]
Chassis Label [19K]

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