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Front view [22K]

  • Released 2002
  • Digital (circa 220MHz)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost £99
NOTES In the 30's it was the superhet. In the mid 50's it was VHF. In the 60's it was transistors. And now, we are led to believe, the future is digital.

True, there are almost no digital radios stocked anywhere. True, the BBC decide that the best way to promote the service is to broadcast several stations in poxy mono and give no real programming details in the Radio Times.

Do you get the impression I'm not chuffed ? Being addicted to BBC7 (lots of radio comedy from the 50's to present day), I had been listening to it via my old On Digital box but decided to opt for a more convenient radio, only to find that BBC7 is reduced to 80Kb/s mono :-(

This particular set is one of only two I could find in the whole of Birmingham (the other had a built-in CD player ... only it was analogue and wouldn't touch CD-R's yet alone MP3s - digital my *rs* !).

I particularly like the external design of the set, it really is neat. And despite the small speaker it really does sound clear. But alarm bells rang when I took it out the box and saw "Made in China". The bells changed to sirens when I noticed it used an external plug-in-the-wall type mains supply as experience has taught me these tend to be very unreliable. True to form, two days later the 12V 1.2A (!) power supply was caputski.

BTW, the front of the set does *not* have the red tinge of the illustration above. Its due to my poxy digital camera.

If this is the digital age then you can shove it.
SERVICE DATA It propbably wouldn't be of any use if I did have it !
CURRENT STATE The replacement has been working for over an hour now ...
WHERE FOUND Typical electrical store for £99.

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