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Front View [31K]

  • Early-mid 50's
  • M.W., L.W. and S.W. wavebands
  • 6 valves (ECH42, EF41, EBC41?, EL41 plus
    EZ40 rectifier and EM34 tuning indicator).
  • A.C. mains only
  • Original cost unknown.
NOTES At the time, bakelite sets were for those who couldn't afford "proper" wooden sets (how times have changed). So, this is Philips attempt at mutton dressed as lamb, the bakelite cae being painted to resemble wood, and quite effective it is too. Its also difficult to find a good one ; a bakelite cabinet can almost always be shined, wood can be repolished but this painted cabinet would be near impossible to restore - just as well its in quite good nick.

I've not sussed out the controls yet (jst not got round to delving deeply) but there is some confusion. The five-position switch on the left is labled to indicate radio settings (one per waveband?) plus two for gram. Two ?? Add to that there is a real waveband switch (right) and it suddenly dawns on me that the five-position switch is probably some kind of tone control. Oh no, not more crazy Philips feedback topologies, please.
SERVICE DATA Nope, however the chassis looks remarkably similar to that used in the BG400, for which there is a copy of the Trader service sheet #973 was on CD#1.
CURRENT STATE Generally clean sound condition, the only obvious faults being the temporary Philips badge drawn on the front and a broken aerial input board. Plenty of 'orrible black caps in that chassis though :-(

What I suspect ought to be an EBC41 has been replaced by a Marconiphone DH150.
WHERE FOUND Liberated from the June 2003 Harpendon BVWS bash for a tenner.

Rear View [21K]

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