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Front view [29K]
  • Released July 1960
  • LW, MW and VHF wavebands
  • 6 Valves (UCC85, UCH81, UF89, UABC80,
    UL84 and UY85).
  • A.C. or D.C. Mains
  • Original cost £15 10s
NOTES Presumably this was the replacement for Philips 1958 model B3G97U. The 97's twin UF80's in the VHF tuner have been replaced by a single UCC85 and the mechanics for the waveband switch are only half as silly.

Tuning arrangements are a little unusual ; by now ferrite rod aerials were in widespread use yet this set uses a simple internal loop aerial. In addition, the usual tuning capacitor is binned in favour of variable inductance ("permeability") tuning.
SERVICE DATA A copy of the "Trader" service sheet 1496 was on CD#1.
CURRENT STATE A number of the Philips (and Stella/Cossor varients) used the same type of printed perspex tuning scale, which is very prone to fading. However this one is perfect and the rest of the front is super-clean too, just a small amount of grime in on the controls.

Being quite a late valve set there is precious little wax or little black cap horrors and after reforming the main electrolytic and replacing the filter cap across the rectifier (just as a precaution), the set fired up and worked perfectly !
WHERE FOUND From the watery skip antique shop for £15.

Chassis View [19K]Loop aerialVariable inductance tuning systemUCC85UY85UL84UABC80UF89UCH81

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