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Front View [27K] On/Off and Volume Waveband Switch and Tuning
  • Released 1958
  • LW, MW and VHF wavebands
  • 7 Valves (two UF80's, UCH81, UF89, UABC80,
    UL84 and UY85).
  • A.C. or D.C. Mains
  • Original cost
NOTES A nice little set in a typical late 1950's style.

The circuitry is fairly much a standard AM/FM design. Which makes it a fairly untypical design for Philips. But no ! Wait a minute, whats this ?

Under chassis view [18K] Hows about this for a waveband switch? Switch (A) moves a rod (B), swinging arm (C) that turns the gear (D) which rotates gear (E) at 90 degrees and finally operates the waveband switch (F). Nice one Philips !
SERVICE DATA No but the chassis is largley the same as the B3G75U for which the data is on CD#1. The main difference seems to be that the '75U uses a frame aerial for medium wave whereas this 97U utilises a ferrite aerial; check out the ferrite rod stuck on a can in the rear view picture below.
CURRENT STATE The tired bakelite case responded well to a polish. The set now looks almost shop fresh (bar a couple of chips in the white paint at the front. Even the rear cover has all its original screws.
WHERE FOUND From a second hand shop for £10.

Rear View [24K] EF80 Valve EF80 Valve UCH81 Valve UF89 Valve UABC80 Valve UL84 Valve UY85 Valve Ferrite Rod Aerial

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