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Front View [25K] Tuning IndicatorTuning ScaleWaveband/Gram switch

  • 1935
  • LW, MW and SW Superhet
  • 6 Valves (FC4, two VP4B's, TDD4, ACO44
    plus 1561 rectifier)
  • AC Mains
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES The set does have some similarity with the Philips model 838U, particularly the tuning scale with its removable plastic tuning scale (also warped like the 838U's only nowhere near as bad).

There are a number of unusual circuit features. The first is that the oscillator/mixer is preceeded by a seperate RF amplifier stage.

Then there's the FC4 octode oscillator/mixer stage itself. The anode has a moving coil meter placed in which acts as a tuning meter. This is visible through a rectangular cut-out between the tuning scale and the Philips badge.

Then theres the output stage. Since the set uses Mullard valves, and Mullard introduced the first pentodes, its suprising to find that the output stage of this set uses a triode. Not just any old triode but a directly heated triode !? Mad.

Philips had clung to the TRF design longer than almost every other manufacturer, this set being amongst Philips's first superhet designs.
SERVICE DATA I have an electronic copy of the "Trader" service sheet number 128.
CURRENT STATE Few scratches but still lots of shiney wood. The output valve, an AC044 is missing. Apparently this has an alternative in the form of a PX4 ? Sounds like the replacement valve will cost more than the radio :-(

However the radio came with all of its original documentation. The set spent its first years under the ownership of a Mr. Craig of Glasgow, who bought the set on the 10th September 1935.
WHERE FOUND Radiophile "Sambrook" bash, 22nd July 2001, for £20.

Rear View [25K]
Valve Layout [7K]

Envelope [32K] Guarentee [40K] Station Chart [74K] Extract from instructions [55K]
Envelope Guarentee Station Chart Instructions

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