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Front View [22K] On/Off and volumeTone ?WavebandTuning

  • Released December 1946
  • LW, MW and SW.
  • 4 'Loctal' Valves (two UCH21's, UBL21
    plus UY21 rectifier)
  • AC/DC Mains
  • Original cost £12, plus £2 11s 7d purchase tax
NOTES A cute little piece of bakelite. There should be a glass tuning scale protruding from the top, but due to being vulnerable to damage it is missing from this set, otherwise it'd look just like its later big brother, the model 462A.

The circuit is based on a circuit develpoed by Philips back in 1941 and is unusual in that the first two valves are both of the same type, the UCH21 triode-heptode. Philips used this circuit for a couple of years after the war. However the circuit lived on well into the 50's under the Tesla name (for example, the 308U), that company having taken over Philips's Checloslovakian plant as part of a process of nationalisation in the mid 40's.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the Trader service sheet #806 on CD#1.
CURRENT STATE Perfect cabinet and internally complete. However the vulnerable tuning scale is missing, as are the control knobs. There are signs of a small amount of work having been carried out on the chassis, such as the odd new electrolytic and replacement wire, but the dreaded wax capacitors are original :-(
WHERE FOUND Center Electronics for £12.

Rear view [30K]UCH21 Oscillator/mixerUCH21 (IF plus first audio)UBL21 Demodulator and audio outputUY21 HT Rectifier

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