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Front View [26K] VolumeTuningTrebleTuning IndicatorBassSpeechMusicOffGramLong WavebandMedium WavebandVHF Waveband

  • Released June 1960
  • LW, MW and VHF superhet.
  • 7 Valves (6L12, 6C12, 6F18, 6LD12, 6P15,
    EZ80 rectifier and EM84 magic eye)
  • AC Mains
  • Original cost 21 7s 11d
  • Approx size 22" x 11" x 7"
NOTES This large set must have been a top of the range set in its day. There are seperate bass and treble controls, unusual in itself, but in addition has switch settings for "music" and "speech".

A bar graph style "magig eye" tuning indicator is discretely placed at the left hand site of the tuning dial.

The chassis uses a mixture of discrete wiring and a printed circuit board. The chassis also has a couple of extra cut-outs for a couple more valves, perhaps there were plans for a version with a push-pull output stage. But given that there is acres of space on the chassis I'm at a loss to explain why the main smoothing electrolytic is at the opposite end of the chassis to the HT rectifier valve !

The set has seperate internal aeriels for VHF and LW/MW, the latter being a ferrite rod fitted to a wheel allowing the aerial to be rotated.
SERVICE DATA I have an electronic copy of the "Trader" service sheet 1567.
CURRENT STATE The front white paint is a bit chipped from the knocks recieved whilst hibernating in a garden shed, but the insides are very clean and rust free (the picture below is as found) and the bakelite undamaged.
WHERE FOUND A freebie from "Bill".

Chassis view [24K] Rotatable ferrite rod aeriel6F18 Valve6C12 Valve6D12 Valve6P12 ValveEZ80 Valve6L12 ValveVHF TunerMain smoothing electrolytic

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