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On/Off and volumeTuning controlWaveband switch

  • Released March 1953
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands
  • 5 Mazda valves (10C1, 10F9,10LD11, 10P14
    plus U404 rectifier)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost £17 10s (Including tax)
NOTES A white faced radio with dark or black bakelite case can often looks quite attractive (witness the Feranti and Ekco U332), and this set is no exception (or at least wont be an exception once cleaned up a bit).

The set is A.C. mains only, however like several Murphy sets of the period it cheapskates by utilising an autotransformer so that the chassis still ends up connected to one side of the mains. Having said that, it does mean no mains dropping resistor is required, leading to a cooler running set which can only be good for reliability.

An unusual and potentially problematic feature of this set is the use of the 10C1 valve as oscillator / mixer. Very few sets ever used this valve and there are no direct equivalents.
SERVICE DATA There is some brief data on CD#1.
CURRENT STATE Complete and undamaged, if a little scruffy. But thats the advantage of bakelite, it almost always polishes up nice.
WHERE FOUND The watery skip antiques shop for £15.
[Dec05] Sold ! For a tenner :-(

Interior view [21K]10P14 Audio output valve10C1 Oscillator / Mixer valve10F9 I.F. Amplifier valve10LD11 Demodulator, A.G.C. and A.F. Amplifier ValveMains auto-transformerDial illumination lamp

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