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Front View [20K]

  • 1931
  • LW and MW waveband T.R.F.
  • 2 Mullard valves (PM2A plus PM1HL)
  • 3 Batteries (H.T., filament plus grid bias)
  • Original cost 4 10s
NOTES The case is of simple construction, with two tuning dials mounted on the top along with a simple waveband switch. There is an additional small control dial in the center of the speaker grill but I havn't a clue what its for.

This set has an internal cone loudspeaker, which seems to be built in reverse i.e. with the windings and such like mounted within the cone itself. In the late 1920's theloudspeaker was usually seperate from the reciever, but by the early 1930's almost every set had an internal loudspeaker.

As far as I can tell, all of the components are mounted on a single piece of paxolin (?).

A version of the set was also available for connection to the AC mains, but at 7 10s was nearly double the price of this battery set.

According to the book "Radio! Radio!" a similar design, but with square sides to the case, was previously released 1930.
SERVICE DATA Nope ; but just how complicated can a 2 valve TRF set be ?
CURRENT STATE Overall in quite nice condition, original and complete, though the insulation on the battery wires is cracking off. As usual, the speaker grill cloth is torn. However the battery wires still have their original labels attatched.
WHERE FOUND A Birmingham antiques fair for 25. Humpf! what a rip of, it was less than a fiver new !
Rear View [13k] Pretty Valves [10K]

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