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Front View [19K]

  • 1979???
  • LW, MW, SW and VHF wavebands
  • 15 transistors plus 1 I.C.
  • AC Mains or six 'D' (1.5v) batteries
  • Original cost 80
NOTES A well constructed and large radio cassette. Has a lovely big speaker giving it a very nice sound (despite the lack of valves ;-)
SERVICE DATA Complete circuit diagram came as part of the origional owners kit.
CURRENT STATE Actually, I have two of these. The first one is "mine", having bought it new. Its now best desscribed as, erm, "distressed". The cassette mechanism is worn but given the amount of use it got I'd say that was fair enough. Just about every tape in my radio comedy collection was recorded on this (for the youngsters out there, Radio 4 actually used to bother putting comedy on the radio). The readio section is as perfect as the day it was made.

I still remember shopping for this. Apart from the respected make, what really sold it was that it was one of the very few radio-cassettes that was produced with the short waveband.

The second one spent its life in the kitchen. It was kept clean but the rubber bits in the tape mechanism have cracked in places.
WHERE FOUND Both bought new.

Rear View [26K][21K]

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