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Front View [35K]

  • Released May 1947
  • L.W., M.W. and M.W. wavebands
  • 5 Valves (X76M, W76, DH76, KT76, U76
    plus Osram 161 baretter)
  • A.C./D.C. Mains
  • Original cost £14 14s + £3 3s 3d tax
NOTES Closeup of tuning scale showing fabric indicator [12K]GEC used an unusual tuning scale on some of their radios, both pre- and post war. The scale used a piece of material with one section dyed red to produce something similar to a thermometer.

Also quite unusual is the use of a barretter.These devices pass a fairly constant current independant of the voltage across them (at least over a specific voltage range) and therefore get used to regulate the heater current of a series heater chain. More popular prior to World War 2, GEC continued using them in some of their post war models and even went on to use one in one of their televisions in the early half of the 1950's.
SERVICE DATA The set is covered by Trader sheet 830. This is for the this 4835R ; sheet 831 covers the 4835 and goes to great pains to highlight it does not cover the 'R' version (though doesn't state why). The only obvious differences I can see are 1) The 'R' uses a pemanent magnet speaker whereas the other version uses a mains energised one and 2) The 'R' version is more dangerous as the mains switch is wired in the neutral line (so the chassis is live when you've turned the set off!).
CURRENT STATE Good condition with signs of previous restoration (in that a lot of caps have been replaced). The tuning cord is also bust, but hey, just be thankful it 'aint a Philips set!


July 2005 Wooton Bassett bash. DOH! I lost the receipt but I probably paid around 25 notes for it.

Rear view of chassis [31K]
The barretter is on the right, looking like a cross
between a 1920s valve and a light bulb !

View of underside of chassis [33K]
Can you spot the replacement capacitors ?

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