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"Mains Minor"

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Front View [31K]

  • Released June 1947
  • L.W. and M.W. superhet.
  • 5 Valves (12K8GT, 12K7GT, 12Q7GT,
    35L6GT plus 35Z4GT rectifier)
  • A.C./D.C. Mains
  • Original cost 15 plus £3 4s 6d purchase tax.
Scene from the film The Early Bird [15K]
Scene from "The Early Bird"

Ferguson made some nice radios before the war, but post war they were fairly dull, with the exception of this rather nice two-tone set. This set is a "midget" second set but still filled with proper octal valves; there is no space for a mains transformer and the heat of a dropping resistor would not be tolerated in such a crowded cabinet and so the set relies on a dreaded resistive mains lead.

The set's claim to fame is that you can see it on Norman Wisdom's bedside table in the 60's film "The Early bird".

SERVICE DATA There was a copy of the "Trader" service sheet 820 on CD#1
CURRENT STATE Very small repaired chip in the back of the case, but I don't trust the resistive mains lead which has been gaffer-taped in places.
WHERE FOUND BVWS June 2003 Wotton Bassett mega-event for £45.

Wot no interior view ? Nope, need to buy a nut spinner (ouch!)
as the chassis retaining screws are recessed into the
case and I can't get 'em undone.

Click for larger view [107K]
Advert from July 1947
Link to larger view [107K]

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