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EVER READY "Table Model"

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Front View [34K]

  • Released 1946
  • LW and MW superhet.
  • 4 Valves (DK32, DF33, DAC32and DL35)
  • Battery only (90V H.T., 1.5V L.T.)
  • Built-in frame arial.
  • Original cost not known.
NOTES Prior to World War 2, Ever Ready manufactured many wooden-cased table-top battery radios. However, post war they concentrated on the portable radio market making use of the new miniature battery valves. This set is therfore unusual in being a post war table top radio and is also unusual in being made of bakelite.

Recesed locking nut [4K]The area behind the control knobs are recesed, allowing the chassis to be held in by nuts. However, you 'aint gonna get a spanner in there, time to buy more tools :-(
Not directly. The data for the Ever Ready TypeA looks a reasonable match for the circuit and can befound on CD#1, although this is described as a portable set whereas, although very light, this set does seem intended to stay put.

This set's valve line-up does match type A's and the line-up seems to have had been a short-lived series since the widely-used miniature all-glass '91' range (DK91, DF91, DAF91 and DL92) appeared a year later.
Has been worked on in the past. Two of the controls are not original, and the loudspeaker is a modern replacement which is held in by dabs from a hot melt gun.

It also looks like it has been affected by battery leakage at some stage, and there only seems to be one wire connecting to the frame aerial.
£20 from the May 2003 N.V.C.F.

Interior View [25K]DK32DF33DAC32DL35
The windings of the frame aerial are hidden by
the wooden frame at the back of the set.

Red metalised valves do look pretty though, don't they.

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