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Front View [27K] Tuning On-off and Volume Waveband Tone

  • Late 1937
  • LW, MW and SW waveband superhet.
  • 4 "Ekco" valves (TX41, VP41, DO42 and R41)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown.
NOTES I've dated the set from the book "Radio! Radio!". It has "Welsh Regional" marked on the dial (opened July 1937) but not Stagshaw (opened October 1937).

Can't say I've heard of the TX41 (a triode-heptode) and DO42 (double-diode pentode) valves before, which are branded as Ekco valves.

The set was also produced with either mains energised or permanent magnet type speaker.

The same cabinet was also used for a battery powered version.
SERVICE DATA A copy of trader sheet 295 dated March 5th 1938 was obtained via the BVWS.
CURRENT STATE Underside View [13K] The bakelite is complete bar a few scratches and the volume control knob is missing. A tin of Brasso and a lot of elbo grease have brought the case up a treat. But check out the back ! Its missing the speaker (there is remains of a wooden speaker board, maybe it simply rotted away !) and theres a lot of rust (though the pictures make it look a lot worse than it really is). But somehow the grill cloth has survived.

The R41 rectifier has also been replaced in the past by an MU14.

Can anyone supply me with the mechanical details of how the loudspeaker is installed, and a picture of how the back cover should look ? Or even supply the missing dial? In fact, anyone care to fix it for me :-)
WHERE FOUND Bought from a second hand shop for 45

Chassis View [19K]

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