Argosy TA1


Front View [40K]

  • 1960 (at a push)
  • LW and MW wavebands
  • 6 Tr*ns*st*rs (OC44, two OC45's, OC81D
    and a couple of OC81's).
  • Two 6 volt batteries
  • Original unknown
NOTES A typical very late 50's style of set. There are some nice touches though, such as the slow motion tuning that you don't always find on tr*ns*st*r tat. The speaker also seems quite large for the type of set, occupying almost the full height of the set.

Component PAC's [6K]Another uncommon thing (at least to me) is the assembly of multiple resistors and the odd cap into component PAC's no doubt in an attempt to save space.

Name Badge [9K]The name badge design reminds me of late 50's American cars with their fins and, more importantly, big V8 engines.
SERVICE DATA If any of you have tried to interpret Linux documentation, the following will be familiar to you. The set is listed in the 1960/1 Radio & Telivision Servicing ('RTS') book ... which just says its the same as Regentone BT11. Which I eventually located in the previous RTS book. Where it simply mentioned it was the same as the RGD B56 described in the RTS 1958/9 but with a whole heap of mods, including the output transistors/driver being OC78 and OC78D. And lo and behold there was the schematic ... complete with OC71/OC72 transistors.
CURRENT STATE Very sound, just slightly grubby.
WHERE CONNED Freebie from Richard's on-going turf-out.

Rear View [28K]
What is supposed to keep the batteries in place ?

Remind me whats inside ! [11K]
ARRGHHHH! Where's me crucifix 8-o

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