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Artical in Mullard Outlook from June 1963
A well though-out piece of advertising; you switch on the telly to watch the evening's sport only to find it is busted. So, what you gonna do ? Yep, go up the boozer, so where better to advertise your TV buisness than on a beer mat in that boozer ?

To quote from an interview published in Mullard Outlook in June 1963:-
In many different ways the Wallis brothers make their name known to the public. Some time ago, for instance, Bill bought up half a ton of board and had it made into beer mats which he distributed to pubs and clubs over a wide area. He said: "Often people pinch them - and we're delighted! This is a really effective and inexpensive form of publicity".
WHERE FOUND Bought off Fleabuy for a quid.

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