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Front view [32K]
The pop-up ciggy lighter [6K]
A combined 35mm slide viewer with a cigarette lighter in the top. Rotating the "tuner" switches on the slide viewer's lamp, powered from two 1.5 volt batteries (batteries not included ;-) ).

When I first saw it I thought it was a piece of 70's tat. However the tuner control on the front has 13 channels on it suggesting it is more likely to be a piece of 60's tat. Then I came across the following in a report on the Paris Radio Show in the October 1965 edition of Wireless World:-

Complete Sony transistor set [8K] Close up of just the television [8K] The Wago viewer for comparison [8K]
The complete, er, "portable".
Love the aerial !
Spot the difference ! (The real set has an additional (optional) unit attached).
The set illustrated had recently been released in Europe by Sony and was the smallest television at the show. Running from 12V D.C., the set had switches at the back to enable the reception of French/Belgian 819-line transmission, French 625 line system or European 625-line transmissions. The photo shows an additional box attached to the right hand side of the set, which was a UHF tuner unit specific to French transmissions.
The real thing spotted at
the 2010 N.V.C.F. event - with
a three figure price tag 8-o
CURRENT STATE A few battle scars but not too bad. Looks like the ciggy lighter was never used.

One of the battery holder springs was well distorted and it took much fiddling to get a good contact.

I'm not sure but I think there may be a part missing. There is a small slot under where the 35mm slide would sit and I suspect something was there to help push the slide back out again. As it is, you have to tip the thing upside down and rattle it to get the slide back out ! It also seems to crop the top and bottom of the pictures too :-(
WHERE FOUND BVWS July 2005 Wooton Bassett bash. A very very rare item which fully justified it's price tag of 100 pence. You never know, now a possible link with Sony has been established it could be worth as much as, oooh, £1.50.

Some slides from the family album (can you guess the approximate year ?).
Hey, who's that cool dude playing with his Scaletrix set I wonder ? I'm pretty
sure the telly in the background is a Sobell SC370.

What, you want bigger pictures ? Sick bags on standby ....

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