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Gantoy Musical T.V.

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Picture of music box [29K]
NOTES I'm not sure of the exact date of this model but the styling suggests the latter half of the 1950s.

This music box features an animated screen in which a women strums her guitar. By modern standards I guess you'd call it a little crude but it must have been quite novel for it's time.

A draw pulls out from the front which enables the musical mechanism. I'm not sure of the exact use of this item but several people have suggested the drawer was used to store cigarettes.

There is at least one other version of this TV with the guitar-playing woman replaced by test card 'C'. It also appears in various colours, including white and blue although certainly in the case of the white version the drawer is still made of brown bakelite.
CURRENT STATE Very good and works. The "Gantoy" label for the front is still in the draw.
WHERE FOUND A couple of years ago at the N.V.C.F. I forget how much as it came as part of a bundle of other bits, but it was certainly nothing like the £120 some, er, "optimist" was expecting at the last NVCF !
 A word of caution - the "Gantoy" label is only glued on and can fall off. This leaves a recess that is similar in shape to a "Philips" badge. Unfortunately some people stick a Philips badge on when trying to sell these things, but note that the Philips badge is slighly larger than the recess so wont quite fit properly. There is no evidence there was any connection between this item and Philips.


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