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Front view of music box [31K]
  • Circa 1948/1949
  • Measures 6" wide x 4.1" high x 3" deep.
An Ekco U29 Bakelite Radio [9K] Music box mechanicals by Lador [20K]
Ekco Model U29 from 1946 Musical Inards
This little musical box is housed in a cabinet reminiscent of sets from a number of radio manufacturers including Ferguson and Alba, however it is clearly modelled directly on the Ekco U29 that had been released in 1946. It is clearly a childs toy with the tuning scale showing "station" names such as "Land of Nod", "Toytown", "Wonderland", "Santaland", "Fairyland", and such like.

Inside is a crude piece of wood to which is attached a clockwork musical mechanism along with a small bulb with battery connections to suit. The cabinet itself is in a white translucent material with most of the insides painted white ; some areas seem to have been deliberately left unpainted, presumably allowing the orange glow of the bulb to shine through .The cyclinder (illustrated top-right) houses the clockwork spring and attaches directly to the left hand control at the front of the cabinet. The right hand control operates a lever that plays / stops the musical mechanism and the center control is simply screwed in place and performs no function.

The clockwork mechanism's casting bears the makers marking "Lador, 1948, Switzerland", which I suspect is The Lador Music Box Company, a company founded in 1889 by Adrian Lador and manufactured various musical boxes right up until 1985, at which point they were bought by a company called Reuge..
CURRENT STATE Needed a clean and the "tuning" scale refitting but otherwise nice working condition.
WHERE FOUND The Wotton Basset auction during 2004 for, I think, £18.
The mechanical assembly [20K]
The lever (bottom left) conects to a control at the front of the
cabinet. Rotating it not only releases the musical mechanism
but also completes an electrical circuit that lights the bulb.

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