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"Matchbox" Rentaset Van

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Rentaset Van [33K]
NOTES A matchbox toy from the start of the 60's when such models actually resembled something you would see in real life. No go faster wheels, and no it doesn't even transform into a mechanised alien killing machine (unless you don't have a TV licence ;-).

When I consider how I used to treat my toys when I was a lad it is amazing that this one has survived. In fact I'm amazed it sold really since when I was a lad if I bought a matchbox car would I buy the super duper sports car ? Or would I buy some crappy old van ?

At the time this model was made there was a company called Radio Rentaset Ltd. which had been operating since 1936 but I don't know if there is any link between them and this model. However in 1964 Rentaset merged with Radio Rentals and there is a version of this model which has Radio Rentals decals on the sides.
CURRENT STATE Mint, with box and with all the little plastic bits that'd normally have dissapeared into the Hoover bag long before the week was out.

When new the plastic bits were moulded as one piece and the individual parts had to be broken off, just like the parts of an Airfix kit.
WHERE FOUND Bought off Fleabuy for nearly £50.

Original box [19K]
It even came with its own garage to put it in :-)

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