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Front view [27K]
NOTES Typical little toys that once upon a time people bought back from their holidays, each toy containing a selection of eight brightly coloured photographs. Each picture is selected in turn by pressing a little plastic button on the underside.

Example picture taken through the viewfinder [click for larger view [79K])The picture opposite (link to larger picture [79K]) was taken through the viewfinder (my digital camera never ceases to amaze me). The style of the car screams late 50's or early 60's. The label at the bottom reads 'Sustenpaß', Sustenpass being a twisting 29 mile road through the scenic Swiss Alps that at it's peak reaches nearly 7500ft. Imagine trying that one in yer Ford Anglia !
WHERE FOUND A selection of four for around £6.50 off of Fleabuy.


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