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Front View [72K]
  • 1964
  • 1 Valve (well, ok, a bulb!).
NOTES Build your own fully working television out of thin card ? Cor, I'm dead excited me! I wonder how many kids found one of these in their Christmas stockings and how many of those who did managed to make it? One thing is certain, it'd probably have kept them occupied well in to the new year. Of course, no kid could build this these days - putting aside he argument of whether or not they'd be clever enough these days, the Health and Safety parasites would certainly not allow the use of sharp blades and glue.
Personally, several hours later, I'm still uncovinced that the majority of the parts in the book have anything to do with the assembly at all !
Rear view of assembly - in theory!   Plans and filters for the colour wheel.
At the heart of the model is a colour wheel constructed like a water wheel you'd find at an old mill - except this one is designed to be powered not by water but by salt!.
One half of the three "film strips   No doubt designed as a boys-toy, what
else would you expect to find other than
good ole' cowboys and "injuns" ?
WHERE FOUND Fleabuy for 99p (plus three quid for postage).

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