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Rear of player's card [4K] Rear of banker's card [5K]
Player's Card
Banker's Card
The pack splits into two parts, each half with a slightly different design printed on the back of the card. 16 cards are for use by the banker with each card representing one of a number of broadcasting stations.The remaining 37 cards represent various Marconiphone radios located around the country, with a list of stations that the receiver might hypothetically receive.

The idea seems to be that each player "stakes" upon their chance of being able to receive the station shown on the card upturned by the Banker, though there's no indication what that "stake" might be.

The illustrated radios suggest these cards date from the end of the 1920s, though this is a bit of guesswork - I could well imagine they could have been issued later as part of some publicity event by Marconiphone.
Complete and appart from a corner split in the box it is in really good condition. Can't believe it got much use (and to be honest reading the rules I can understand why!).
WHERE FOUND Bought off Fleabuy for ... er, I forget, but wouldn't have been much.
Type 21 Receiver Type 31 Receiver Type 81 Receiver
Breakdown at
No Reception Owing
to Local Oscillator
Bad Reception
Birmingham (5IT) Manchester (2ZY)

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