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TV Sets on Trial by Ronald Finnigan, then editor of TV News.
A survey of various television receivers available about a year prior to the launch of the band III (ITV) recievers. Includes description for the Vidor CN4216, G.B. "Teleprojector", Pilot TV76, Cossor 927, Philips 1437U, Pye V4, Kolster-Brandes KF50, Peto Scott TV1711, Ferranti 17T3, Alba T394, Invicta T115, Baird C1815, RegentoneBig15/5, H.M.V. 1824, G.E.C. B.T.5147, and includes a report from the 20th National Radio and Television Show. Spoilt only by the occasional made-up question/answer snippets that presumably the author thought most humorous though I doubt anyone else would find them remotely humourous even in the 50's, in fact thay're almost bizare ! Thanks for the loan Mikey.
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Click on image to download PDF of book [3.4MB] Installing and Maintaining Projection Televisions by Mullard
Way too much information on maintaining a projection television, covering the optics, crt plus associated assemblies and power supply versions.
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Old Radio Sets Jonathan Hill
Shire Publications.
ISBN 0-7478-0219-X
A teeny weeny 32 page book crammed with the history of the development of radio (UK). Costing only 1.5 drinking tokens (3) its a must-have.
Radio! Radio! Jonathan Hill
Sunrise Press
ISBN 0-9511448-71
A large 320 page A4 hardback book stuffed to the gills with insteresting stuff. Covers developments in UK radio and T.V. from the first spark up until the late 60's. A chapter covers each decade at the end of which are photo's of sets typical of the time. As much about the history as the radio's themselves.
Radio David Attwood Coffee table book.
Bakelite Radios Robert Hawes Coffee table book. Full of colourful pictures of some lovely sets but with very little text. I found this book really useful for generating some raytracing models.
Philco Radio
Ron Ramirez and
Michael Prosise
ISBN 0-88740-547-9
Lots of nice pictures of (American) Philco sets, plus history of the company.


Old Television Andrew Emmeson
Shire Publications.
ISBN 0-7478-0367-6
Another teeny weeny 32 page book crammed with the history of the development of television (UK). A companion book to Old Radio Sets and well worth the 1.5 drinking vouchers.
Historic Televisions
and Video Recorders
Michael Bennet-Levy
ISBN 0-9521057
Another cofee table book with some wonderful pictures, including lots of pre-war sets.


The Saga of Marconi
Osram Valve
Barry Vise & George Jessop. Published by Vyse Limited. A history of valve-making with emphasis on wireless valves developed by Marconi-Osram Va;ve..
British Radio Valves. The
Vintage Years : 1904-1925
Keith R Thrower. Published by Speedwell.
ISBN 0 9537166 0 0
Covers various aspects of the history of vintage British valves, including data.
History of the British
Radio Valve to 1940
Keith R Thrower. published by MMA International Ltd.
ISBN 0 9520684 0 0
Less illustrations than the previous book(above) but with more detail about the technical inards and the circuitry used.


Colour Television Servicing Hutson Published in 1971, this book covers the theory of all aspects of colour television in some detail. Definately one for the tech heads.
Colour T.V. Servicing Manual Gordon J.King Published in 1973, this book covers the servicing of a number of the colour sets from a number of manufacturers, such as the BRC2000/3000 and the Decca "Bradford".
Understanding Television

J.R. Davies
Data Publications Limited. Second Issue (1970)

With a million and one books around with similar titles, this one stands out from the crowd as getting right into the techincal details.
Radio and Television Servicing Various authors, including E.Molloy, W.F.Poole and J.P.Hawker Starting around 1952, a book of service data became available with a new volume published each year. They contain service information for a lot of that year's television and radios. I don't know whether or when they ceased but I recall seeing one for 1976. As well as service data, there is generally an introduction chapter covering trends in circuitry for that year as well as servicing tips.
Electronic Classics - Collecting,
Restoration and repair
Andrew Emerson
Published by Newnes.
ISBN 0-7506-3788-9
There isn't a lot of detail on the circuitry side of things. But this book is a goldmine of information on just about every other aspect of restoration. Woodwork and plastic restoration, where and how to find that radio, masses of info on sources of parts .... Written in a style that makes the book difficult to put down once you pick it up.
Valve Radio & Audio
Repair Handbook
Chas E.Miller
Published by Newnes.
ISBN 0-7506-3955-4
This book "only" covers the repair of circuitry. I say "only", however it goes into great detail on each stage of the circuit, the various different ways the same thing has been achieved, the typical faults to expect, and such like. The perfect companion to "Electronic Classics".
Vintage Radios - Collecting,
servicing, restoring.
Tony Thompson
ISBN 0-9538218-0-3
An interesting book that does just what the title says. If there is one quibble then it is the black and white illustrations ; I'm sure the "before" and "after" pictures would be amazing in colour. But that aside, a useful book.


Radio Designer's
Handbook (4th Ed.)
F. Langford-Smith A 1960's book of nearly 1500 pages, strictly for the tech head. This is the numero uno resource for valve circuit design. The word "Radio" in the title may be misleading as a significant percentage is devoted to audio. This has been reprinted I think by Newnes (ISBN 0-7506-3635-1), so may still be available new.

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