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  • Released October 1948
  • Band I T.R.F.
  • 9" MW22-14 C.R.T. with 6.5KV E.H.T.
  • 19 Valves (no less than eleven EF50's!)
  • A.C./D.C. mains
  • Original Cost £49 7s + £11 1s 8d Tax
Front view [26K]
NOTES This is the console version of the B18T. However you really don't get an appreciation of just how small the set is until you look in the back and note the relative size of one of the octal valves.

This is the first British console capable of running on DC mains as well as the normal AC mains, although you needed to be at the top end of the mains voltage range. The valve heaters are series connected and their voltages add up to 230V and even then the sets can sometimes struggle to find enough oomph to fully scan the little narrow angle 9-inch CRT.

Link to larger version of period advert [95K]Although the Trader service sheet for this model gives a release date of September 1948, it can be seen from the advertisement opposite that it was released a month later.

Link to larger version of advert [95K]

SERVICE DATA The chassis is basically that of the model B18T, the manual for which can be downloaded below.
CURRENT STATE The chassis, whilst very clean, looked to have been somewhat modified.
Aerial input [7K]   Barry The Bodger Wuz 'Ere [10K]
Nice short connections between the aerial and the input transformer. Only two minor quibbles
1) Might work better if the transformer output was also connected!
2) It shouldn't be there in the first place!
  The coil probably once resided in the hole which now provides an access path for some coax bodged onto the second input coil. C.O. Stanley must be turning in his grave.
Manky old diodes [6K]   One-terminal capactor [7K]
Perhaps bypassing the HT rectifier with a couple of old diodes probably seemed like a bit of a laugh after a few beers.   Still, look on the bright side, this is one less cap worry about failing !
I won't even mention the missing EB41's and the 7 pin miniature valve base grafted onto one of the octal sockets. Not only had Barry the Bodger been very busy but this was probably an heirloom, having first been bodged by grandpa bodger. Thanks to Peter for sorting the mess out.

Ouch, what a rough cabinet this was when it first arrived. Screw holes in the front were probably left overs from a screen magnifier, the dents, chipped veneer and worm holes merely from neglect. However, Steve Ostler has done a jolly good job on the cabinet - it looks even better than the above photo might suggest, as the photo is a bit of a compromise in order to get a screen shot.
The original cabinet state [7K]
The cabinet as it was.
WHERE FOUND BVWS July 2004 Wotton Bassett auction for £70.
b18t.pdf [1.6MB] Manufacturers manual for the model B18T

Rear view of chassis [27K]
Note how big the valves look in the weenie cabinet.

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