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Front view [29K]

  • Released July 1955.
  • Band I/III, 12-channel
  • 14" AW36-21 C.R.T. with 14KV E.H.T.
  • 18 Mullard valves.
  • AC/DC mains
  • Original Cost £49 7s plus tax

Pretty un-inspired cabinet design that became typical of the mid 50's, with two clusters of controls and the front and some additional controls tucked into recesses at the side. However this one feels a lot smaller than many of it's contempories.

The same chassis appears in over half a dozen models, however this one is the bottom of the range.

Brimar had introduced electrostatic focusing two years earlier, with other major CRT manufacturers quick to follow. However it seems that Ferguson weren't quite convinced since this set appears with both electrostatic focussing (AW36-21 C.R.T., as fitted to this set) and magnetic focussing (MW36-44 C.R.T.).

One thing worthy of note is the early use of the PY32 H.T. rectifier.

SERVICE DATA I have an electronic copy of the "Trader" service sheet 1258/T105.

Replacement valves [8K]The set has probably seen plenty of action. The CRT is a replacement branded "Longlife", and almost every one of the original Mullard valves has been replaced by either later Solus and Tungsram valves, some of which have themselves have clearly seen some action as witnessed by the blackening ot the Tungsram 21A6 ( = PL81 line output).

Crumbling ion trap magnet [7K].Mains input section [12K][Left]The magnet (I assume it's the ion trap) is crumbling.

[Right] The mains section, showing the repaired mains dropper. You can also see the mains cable wires, with the earth flapping in the wind whilst the other two wries are soldered direct to the mains connector and wrapped with gaffer tape by some dangerous chap (hey, I think I know whose house this might have come from ;-) )
The cabinet itself looked somewhat distressed but cleaned up to be reasonably respectable except a small piece missing from the front-left of the cabinet.

WHERE FOUND Out the back of the car park at the Watery Skip antique shop, next to the skip, for a fiver. Apparently fresh from a very recent house clearance, it was even still tuned to channel 4 (Birmingham) and I managed to bag it before it rained.
Rear view [23K] Under-chassis view [28K]

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