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EKCO EKCO Badge [2K] TCG316

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Front View [21K]

  • Released mid-1957
  • Bands I and III T.V. with "Spot wobble" circuit
  • 17" 90-degree CRM171 screen with 16KV EHT
  • 19 Mazda valves
  • AC/DC Mains
  • Band II V.H.F radio
  • 4-speed Garrard type 4SP gramaphone.
  • Original cost £88 3s 8d
    plus £35 14s 4d purchase tax
NOTES A complete entertainment system and a top of the range model, with a gramaphone player is built into the top of the set underneath a lid. However I didn't realise it also had a (VHF) radio until I got it home; there is a VHF setting on the 12-channel TV tuner plus a second VHF switch on one of the controls in the gramaphone section. All's I need to find now is how you tune the damn thing !!!.

With larger CRT sizes, the individual scan lines of the 405-line picture became all the more visible, particularly when the set was being viewed at close quarters. In an effort to disguise this, a "spot wobble" circuit was incorporated, which worked by modifying the scanning spot so that instead of it being a circle it was in fact vertically elongated so as to fill the gaps between scan lines withought blurring the picture horizontally. You can find an artical on this technique in the Telly Techie section of the website.

Front page from advertising brochure [8K]The 4-page "advanced information" brochure for the set has a printing date of May 1957. Use the following links to view the brochure :-

Page 1 [111K] : General introduction, picture and price.
Page 2 [63K] : Features and valve line-up.
Page 3 [125K] : Technical overview
Page 4 [104K] : Controls, etc.
SERVICE DATA By this time, Ekco and Ferranti were one and the same. This set appears identical to the Ferranti TCG1019 for which I have an original manual. However the Ferranti version lacks the spot wobble circuit.
CURRENT STATE A few scrapes on the side and top, but otherwise very good.
WHERE FOUND An "antique" shop in Walsall for £25.
MATERIAL [816KB] Original Ekco TCG316 service data (almost identical to Ferranti TCG1019).

Chassis view [35K]
Chassis view. The spot wobble circuit can be seen
mounted to the right of the C.R.T. neck.Line output and EHT

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